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Monday, 14 July 2014

Sunday Afternoon Maths XX Answers & Extensions

This post contains the answers to this week's Sunday Afternoon Maths and some extension problems based around the originals.

Folding A4 Paper

The sides of A4 paper are in the ratio \(1:\sqrt{2}\). Let the width of the paper be 1 unit. This means that the height of the paper is \(\sqrt{2}\) units.
Therefore on the diagram, \(AE=1, BE=1, AC=\sqrt{2}\). By Pythagoras' Theorem, \(AB=\sqrt{2}\), so \(AB=AC\).
\(BF=DF=\sqrt{2}-1\) so by Pythagoras' Theorem again, \(BD=2-\sqrt{2}\). \(CD=1-(\sqrt{2}-1)=2-\sqrt{2}\). Hence, \(CD=BD\) and so the shape is a kite.
Prove that for a starting rectangle with the sides in any ratio, the resulting shape is a cyclic quadrilateral.

Bézier Curves

$$P_0=\left(0,1\right)$$ $$P_1=\left(0,0\right)$$ $$P_2=\left(1,0\right)$$
$$Q_0=t\left(0,0\right)+(1-t)\left(0,1\right)=\left(0,1-t\right)$$ $$Q_1=t\left(1,0\right)+(1-t)\left(0,0\right)=\left(t,0\right)$$
and so
which means that
What should \(P_0\), \(P_1\) and \(P_2\) be to get a curve with Cartesian equation

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